Hiroshima Day Rally Upheld the Message of Peace

The NSS unit conducted a “Samaadhaana Sandhesha Rally” in relationship with “Hiroshima Day”, on August 6th, 2011. The rally was organised to convey the idea of “Peace in modern society”, creating an awareness of the negative impacts of war along with the need of following ethical issues in the applications of Science. A group of 50 students along with the programme officers participated in the above venture. Fr.Tomy Padinjaareveettil flagged off the rally from the college at 12.30 pm. The participants were actively involved in the same by holding banners and reciting slogans against war and negative impacts of science on society. The rally went up to municipal junction and reached the college by 1.30pm. The participation of the first year students is worth mentioning. Altogether, the rally was a great success.

Rally Starting From the Venue of Orientation Camp

Flag off by Rev.Dr.Tomy Padinjareveetil

View From Rally

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